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Storytelling Wedding Cinematography and Photography Studio

Capturing From Small Details to Big Moments

We are a premier boutique style photography and cinematography studio capturing memories since 2008. We capture evocative moments, all the fun, love, people in love, every little details and emotions. As a team of visual storytellers, our work is journalistic, fun, fresh and infused with glamour. You can count on us. We capture your big day with our unique photography and cinematography style which is a blend of traditional and photojournalistic, with an emphasis on composition and lighting. We capture some of the spontaneity of candid, while offering the modern posed shots. Why settle for one style when you can have it all in one, which only comes with talent and experience. Delivering creative photo and video, excellent customer service, on time delivery, using the best equipment and treating your guests as ours are some of our top priorities. We want to make you re-live your day with tears in your eyes.

Finalist of Top 50 Most Popular Cinematographer in USA

According to Wedding Industry Award, NYNJ Photography is one of the top 50 most popular wedding cinematography studio. We are based in New Jersey, USA and available Worldwide. We have mastered the art of capturing beauty and story with just the right balance of technique and instinct with drama and lighthearted fun. 

Serving One Client At a Time!

We believe in quality over quantity. NYNJ Photography takes one event a day and maximum 25 wedding a year. All events are captured by leading Cinematographer, Nayeem Modan, and leading Photographer, Javed Vahora so your final photos and film would be same as our samples or better. Since we shoot limited number of weddings, we have enough time to pay extra attention to each client we work with. You deserve it.

We Love Our Clients and They Love Us Even More:


Weddings take months to plan but come the day(s) of, it flies by within the blink of an eye. Photography and Cinematography are the only means we have to be able to relive that special occasion every day and years later because there is no redo. This is why its so crucial to hire someone you can trust to provide superb quality of work. My wife and I can happily say, hiring NYNJ Photography and Videography to document our big day was probably the best wedding related decision we made. We are beyond pleased with quality and quantity of work done by Nayeem, Javed and the rest of their team.

We knew documenting our wedding would be difficult because we wanted everyone and everything documented for the two day event. We anticipated 1000+ guests for our traditional Guyanese Hindu wedding in NJ on Saturday and anticipated almost 500 for the reception in NYC for Sunday. We had done an extensive search for photography/cinematography and met with a lot of professionals but we felt that none had provided us that package of quality, pricing and personality that we were looking for. We may have been extremely picky but we knew there is no redo for this occasion so whoever we chose had to give us that comfort. As time kept passing many of the well known companies were being booked up for our wedding weekend which was the labor day holiday weekend at the end of august 2014. I started googling for “NY NJ Photography” to see what came up in the tri-state area and quite obviously NYNJ Photography came up as the first hit.

We went through every photo and video posted and were impressed with their quality of work. That was just one thing off the checklist. Now we had to hope the price was right and the personality was great. My wife was in India doing her shopping when I met Nayeem. From the moment I met him I sensed his genuineness and I was relieved. At no point did I feel that this was just a business deal. His passion for his work was quite obvious and only wanted the best for us. We stressed that we wanted everything documented and described our traditional Guyanese Hindu weddings as being slightly different from typical Indian weddings. He gladly reassured us that he and his team were the right guys for the job and he was even willing to meet us to discuss angles and other photo/video strategies at a venue which we did. He was straight forward about what he can do, what he may not be able to do and what should be done. I was very happy with Nayeem’s honesty. The last straw was the pricing which luckily was in our budget. Nayeem and I went over the package and removed and added things to make it exactly what we needed. About a week later I was back at Nayeem’s office to sign the contract and leave a down payment. Even that process was done very professionally. I received copies of all paperwork and we went over the contract once again before signing.

The wedding came and just flew by. Despite being caught up in everything going on my wife and I took notice of how Nayeem and his team worked diligently. We met Javed, the main photographer and the remaining team members at the day of the wedding. They were equally as friendly as Nayeem and they were with us from toe to toe. Basically any direction I turned I saw at least 1 of them. They divided their work so the ceremony could be captured while all the behind the scene actions like eating and socializing were documented too. The compliments about NY NJ Photography started pouring in immediately after the ceremony was finished. The general consensus from friends and family were those guys were so nice and friendly and they were everywhere. Mind you this was before we all saw any of their work. It definitely set the bar high.

The anxiety to see our pictures and videos was equally the same as the anxiety of the day. Javed would tease us every few days with photos and within a few weeks we received all the photos. We could not believe those were unedited photos. We were speechless. The shots were so creative and the clarity and color was remarkable for unedited photos. We knew Javed had a fancy camera but didn’t realize how good it was until we saw the pictures. We couldn’t imagine how they would look when he was finished editing. Most of all Javed got photos of everything! There we so many pictures of outfits, ceremonies and guests yet no picture was exactly the same. That is impressive. Next was the highlight movie and the full wedding movie. This takes some time because it required a lot of editing and input from us. We knew the highlight film is what would be posted online for everyone to see so we wanted Nayeem to deliver something out of this world and boy did he do that. He said he was going to make anyone watching it cry and he certainly meant that. The creativity behind the video was just incredible and it wasn’t just the footage he selected. Even the song selection and the accent sounds just fit perfectly. You can tell a lot of thought was put into to it. We felt like we were watching a movie trailer. Nayeem even made us a bonus video. My wife was vocally trained in Indian music and she sang to me at our reception. He made another version of our highlight video which included her singing plus a few more clips. The full wedding video was just as impressive. The HD quality just added the wow factor. We received disks with our specially designed wedding and reception covers. Both day events were fully documented. We were so happy to see everything was documented so well!!!

It has been months since our wedding but we get to relive that weekend every day because of NYNJ Photography and Videography. They have submitted our photos and wedding movie to be featured on numerous popular sites and blogs. Everyday a friend or family is tagging us in a post where strangers from different countries are sharing our wedding photos and video. My wife and I feel blessed and honored to see our wedding being shared like this and it is all because of NY NJ Photography. We expected exceptional quality work but we got beyond that. Every bride and groom has the right to feel that their wedding was the best and NY NJ Photography’s work provides that supporting evidence as to why. You really can’t put a price on this work. You have to experience it and then enjoy the end result!
Look up our images and video by searching for NJ Indo Guyanese Wedding online or our hashtag #AnandandSamanthasRoyalWedding. We were featured on the indianweddingsite, maharaniweddings, thebigfatindianwedding, youtube and Vimeo websites. Please check it out so you’ll understand why we have said everything above.
We wish NY NJ Photography all the best as they continue to provide exceptional service to their clients and continue to grow as one of top photography and cinematography firms.


I have nothing but great things to say about NYNJ. Choosing a photographer and videographer is one of the most difficult and important decisions to make and I know we made the right decision going with NYNJ . I knew immediately after our engagement shoot this was true because Javed repeatedly went out of his way and spent and what I'm sure was an absurd about of time making sure we got the exact shots we wanted where we wanted them and remained so friendly and positive the entire time. Needless to say he pictures were everything we wanted and perfect for our save the dates and website. When the wedding came around, I was so busy with all of the other details I needed to come together that I barely gave Javed and Nayeem any direction and they still captured the night so beautifully. Again, we went from location to location and they were so fun and enthusiastic the entire time. Thank you Javed and Nayeem!!!


One word: Dedication. Nayeem, Javed, and the rest of the NYNJ Photography team are very passionate about their work. Nayeem and Javed truly enjoy what they do, and it shows in their attitude and their product. They worked with us, and our ideas, from the very beginning during our pre-wedding photoshoot to capture unique ideas.

In addition to the amazing photos and film they capture, Nayeem and Javed are extremely responsive to texts, emails, phone calls, and they made it their job on our big day to alleviate the stress and did everything from their end to make things run smoothly.
We highly recommend using them as your photographer and videographer. We were blown away by the same day edit that Nayeem put together: he truly has a talent and tells a moving story with such little time.

On your wedding day, this is the team you want to capture these precious moments, because they truly do work for their clients. They are so punctual it’s a bit surprising: they make the impossible happen. We didn’t thing we could finish our getting ready shots, first look, and family pictures before it was time for the bharat to start. But Javed made it happen with time to spare, and all the shots came out incredible.

When we were looking at different photographers and videographers, it was important to us to be able to connect to them, to be on the same page, and have the same priorities. With NYNJ, it was an instant connection. They read our minds and knew exactly what we wanted. Out of all the vendors, these are the two you spend the most time with during your wedding events, and after the first meeting with them you’ll know these are the guys you want to be part of your team.

We loved working with you guys and loved the final products!! 


To start this review, let me first say a few words about my family…we are control freaks and extremely hard to please. The wedding movie and photos for us are the most important part of the entire event because once it is all over, those are the only memories one is able to hold on to. Sadly though, in our previous experience, we were always disappointed by our photographers/cinematographers for various reasons. That was NOT the case this time though!

We first came across NYNJ Photography randomly as we began planning for my brother’s wedding, and immediately became amazed by the work. My brother and I met with Nayeem a few times in the months leading up to the wedding, and each time, we left feeling more confident about our decision to hire them. His filmmaking knowledge and experience, as well as his passion for his job are all evident while working with him. We didn’t meet Javed until the wedding itself but he is also extremely talented at what he does. His photos were absolutely breath-taking and blew us all away!

All the photos and movies we received are so crisp and clear with each detail of our three-day event captured beautifully. Not a scene was missed and i have never seen so much detail put into the editing of a movie! Thank you so much to the entire team! You guys understood exactly what we wanted and delivered it perfectly. Thank you for going above and beyond all our expectations. We could not be happier with this experience and cannot wait to work together again for future events!


Wow!!!! This just about sums up the experience Ruby and I had with NYNJ. Over a year ago when we started the wedding planning process…we made quality cinematography a top priority for our wedding festivities. One year later… we can say we made the best choice choosing NYNJ. Our guests had nothing but great things to say about the professionalism and friendliness that Nayeem provided all weekend. Additionally, everyone was blown away by the Same Day Edit that was played at the reception. The quality and creativity was top notch. We can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding highlights!!!!! Thanks Nayeem and Javed, looking forward to keeping in touch with you guys!


Working with this fantastic duo was so smooth that it felt like family! They were all ears to the craziest requests being made such as carrying a lemon in their shirt pockets for the entire ceremony! ! We blindly let them choose songs for our movie, poses for the pictures, and everything was far more better than we had expected. They deserve nothing short of 5 stars. We will forever smile watching these photos and a film. NYNJ has given us a lifetime of memories to view.


We had hired Nayeem and team for our wedding/reception movie and words cannot describe how happy we are with their work. They did an outstanding job, and captured all the details and the day so beautifully. We had such a great experience working with the team because they understood our vision and brought it to life. They had the qualities we were looking for such as creativity, attention to detail, and a modern twist to the traditional Indian wedding. We have heard nothing but raves and compliments of their work! Thank you for capturing the most important day of our lives with such flawlessness!

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