A few pic(k) from Atal & Sima’s traditional Indian wedding day

A very few pic(k) from the traditional indian(Gujarati) wedding day of Sima and Atal Patel. I am sure you have seen their pre wedding photography session which was shot in rain (most of it), They tied the knot officially in Central New Jersey in July of 2012. Sima is intensely excited to see the images so I thought it would be a good idea to upload a few images to tease her. Sima this if specially for you:)!

indian wedding picsindian wedding pic

Seema Patel - Very funny..but the pictures came out great…why not I’m in them:-) but put more up!

Radha Patel - Javed put more pics! Make Seema and Radha happy :) don’t forget the video!!

Gaurav Patel - nice job Javed…more pictures please.

Radha Patel - Love it!

NYNJ Photography by Nayeem Modan & Javed Vahora - Thanks Guys!
All your profile pictures tells me what kind of job I did.
Last two are specially for you Radha Patel and Seema Patel.
Video coming soon!

Seema Patel - Love it!!!

Seema Patel - More please:-)

NYNJ Photography by Nayeem Modan & Javed Vahora - One more added :)

Victoria Marino Henderson - Just beautiful!

Seema Patel - Javed i need more pics please also the video city:-)

Audrea - Oh my goodness! Tremendous images!

Anishtha Sharma - v v nic

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