Best pre-wedding photo shoot location – Central Park, New York

Due to special request from to be bride and groom, their names are not mentioned in this post.

 Tips for photographers who are planning photo shoot in the Central Park:

If you never been to Central Park for photo shoot, I must say that you are missing out big time. Central Park has so much to offer: Bridges, lakes, view to city, stairs, arches, tall trees, large stones, green grass, benches and much more. In shorts, it’s a heaven for photographers.

One thing we are not sure about is if permit is required to do pre-wedding photo shoot. We have done many shoots in the Central Park but never got written permit and no one ever asked for one. Here is a useful link which talks about rules and regulations, what is allowed and what is not and some popular places in the park. This link does talk about getting permit for film and still photography but I am not sure if that applies to small group (to be bride, groom and photographer) who are not going in with external lights or stands.

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Carol - September 24, 2012 - 11:28 AM

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