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The Day To Remember For Life – Sukhmeet & Tarvinder Sikh Wedding Video

I have to be honest when I say this; after I finished editing this video, I set on my couch to see the final version on the big screen. I realized that I was too busy shooting the video on the wedding day that I couldn’t feel what other people felt around me until I show this wedding video highlights. For example, I did see Sukhmeet’s mother hugging her during Vidai ceremony but I couldn’t feel the moment until I show the clip in which her mother hugged her and said “Na mere puttar” which simply means “no my child”. Very touchy, at least to me.

Tip: So many guys out there believe that having a good camera is enough to take good video. In my opinion, having good equipment is great thing but it does not make your video look good. What makes it look good is all those moments and the way they are captured so my suggestion is to stop looking for best camera out there. Focus on what and how you want to capture the event for your client.

Our goal at NYNJ Photography is to capture all those moments and present it to you in most simplistic and elegant manner.

Enjoy the Sikh wedding video and make sure to write your comments.

Vibha Vyas - amazing job Nayeem!

Sunny S Lakhan - Man what an experience. Wish u guys all the best with everything you guys do.

Parvinder Johal - What a great time we had! Congrats to Terry and Sukhmeet! God bless you!

Melanie Champnoise - Beautiful! Absolutely beautiul

Ruby Basi - Absolutely breath taking!! Love Rummys wedding video.

Ruby Realtorni - My cousin’s wedding video. Done very nicely.

Navdeep Deol - beautiful….

Sikh Wedding Photography - Stunning candid images from Sikh wedding - […] am sure you have enjoyed the Sikh wedding video highlights of Sukhvinder and Tarvinder; Now it’s time to enjoy Sikh wedding […]

Sonia & Jahanzeb Reception Day Video : Pakistani Wedding Cinematographer Virginia

Sonia and Jahanzeb’s reception took place at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, Virginia. What amazed me was 60 degrees in the month of December. Not many bride and groom get to enjoy such weather in this month. It was an idle weather to capture bride & groom outdoor beauty shots. I like to take little time to explain why I believe that Sonia & Jahanzeb’s reception day was an idle event to make and idle wedding film. Find us on google by Pakistani Wedding Cinematographer in Virginia. 

During pre-event consultation, bride and groom usually mentioned that they want  their wedding video to look like a film and lots of candid clips and not posed shots. Without failing, we explain them what needs to be done from our and their ends to make their wedding video look the way they want. Educating the client is one of the important aspect because more they know easier it will be on the day of the wedding.

Having a good camera is the last thing is my list because we really do not believe that one has to have top of the line camera to make a good wedding film. What we need is lots of pre-planning, understanding client exceptions (client taste for their wedding fim), lots of good contents from the wedding day (this cannot be created by Cinematographer). We do not like to stage(fake) anything on your wedding day. For example, we will not go to the groom and ask him to send a gift to bride or write a message to her. We always suggest bride and groom to think outside of box to add contents to their wedding day. For example, surprise him or her with a meaningful gift in the morning, unique bride & groom introduction during reception, speeches, vows (not typical in South Indian weddings).

To get candid clips, bride and groom must be themselves during the shoot without thinking about camera which is in front of them, have your jokes ready to make each other laugh and last but not least give us enough time for the shoot those happy moments. If any one thing is missing from above, there is very little change to get candid clips.

Sonia and Jahanzen planned their reception in a perfect way by adding contents to their event. Moreover, they were so real and themselves in front of the camera which resulted in good candid clips and gave us enough time on the event day.

Remember, as a bride and groom you want a perfect wedding video and as a passionate Cinematographer we want to make a perfect wedding video. Find us on google by Pakistani Wedding Cinematographer in Virginia.

Neil & Deep Wedding Day Video

Finally we have sometime to get out of editing work space and be on the blog to share our latest work. Here is the wedding video highlights from Neil &Deep’s big day which took place in Hyatt Princeton, New Jersey. It as a nice sunny day (doesn’t happen so often in month of September) and pretty energetic crowd during Baraat which was the perfect beginning for the day.

In case you missed, pre-wedding shoot of Neil & Deep which took place in Atlantic city, click here.

Take a look at the video and let us know how we did.


Makeup and Hair: Shaili
Venue: Hyatt Regency Princeton
Decoration: Abhishek Decorators

Rupa + Sreedhar | Maritime Parc, NJ: Documentary Style Wedding Videos

Lately we are not able to update our blog as often as we wish due to the busy wedding season. Please accept our apology but we are always exited to share our work with our fans. We are trying our best to upload our latest wedding videos and images.

Here is the wedding video highlights from Rupa & Sreedhar’s wedding which took place in Maritime Parc, New Jersey. Beautiful venue like this with a view to downtown Manhattan is the place to get married.

When we talked to Rupa first time, she mentioned that she is interested in documentary style wedding video without any posed shots. It is always great to know client’s taste in advance because it is a big help when we do brainstorming for the wedding day shots. Once we planned how we wanted to capture shoot wedding, we ran it to Rupa and she was happy with the idea.

Their wedding day was full of love, happiness and loads of fun. Here is the wedding highlights from Rupa & Sreedhar’s wedding day.

Special thank you to Riri Patel ( for having us as a Cinematographer for Rupa & Sreeshar’s wedding day. It was great working with you and crew.

To have a perfect wedding, all vendors must be good at what they do. In my opinion, Rupa & Sreedhar’s wedding was a perfect wedding and here is the list of all those vendors who made it happen.

Cinematography: NYNJ Photography (we got to be first in the list:)) -
Event Planning: TanaRi Events (Riri Patel & her team) –
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Maritime Parc –
Caterer: Moghul Caterers - 
Decorator/Florist: Elegant Affairs -
Musician/Band: Shaadi Ki Shehnai
DJ: DJ Sunny Entertainment (DJ Raj) -
Hair & Make-up: Karuna Chani -
Dance Troupe: Diwakar Performing Arts Group -
Indian Priest: Vimal Maharaj

Nickie Bates - Congrats! Beautiful!

Sudeep Khetani - I like the video, the wedding was fun too!

Love Story Music Video – Ajay & Shilpy : A True Love Story

Shilpy & Ajay’s Indian wedding ceremony took place in Panjab, India and they planned their wedding reception in Connecticut. Shilpy contacted NYNJ Photography to inquire about pre-wedding/engagement photos hoot. She mentioned that she wants to do something really different for her reception may be presenting pre-wedding images on the projector during the event. Ajay & Shilpy are really into Bollywood so she came up with a idea of doing love story music video instead of photoshoot and play that during the wedding reception. What a great idea.

Arranging Rangoli, bicycle and all other stuff is not easy but Shilpy & Ajay you guys did it. I never believed in luck but lately things are happening in a way which make me believe in it. It suppose to rain at 4.00PM on the day of the shoot. We planned to start the shoot around 1.00PM but due to the traffic Shilpy & Ajay got to NJ at 3.00PM. I was looking at the sky every minute after we started the shoot hoping for no rain. Lately god is listening to me and there was not rain until …………….

Around 8.00PM, we started lighting up candles  for  the last scene in which Ajay was going to propose Shilpy. Surprisingly there was no windy, biggest enemy of candle, at all.  We recorded whole shot without relighting any candle. Right after we finished the proposal shot, I felt something on my head. Guess what it was? It was a rain drop. It started raining really hard as we were walking towards the car after finishing the shoot. I was talking to myself thinking what are the chances of no raining all day when it was predicted at 4.00PM, no windy on the hill to the candle shot.  I told myself it is all luck.   

We had lots of fun shooting love story music video on Ajay & Shilpy.  It is always exciting to do something different. Write your comments in the comment area and let us know what you think about the video.


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