Pooja & Dhru Destination Indian Wedding – Belle Mer: Rhode Island Wedding Venues

It was our first time shooting in Newport; what a beautiful location. Who needs Mexico when Newport is only four hour drive from New Jersey. Pooja & Dhru’s wedding took place at Belle Mer which is located on the Goat Island, Newport – RI. It is glamorous and contemporary aura provides the perfect venue for an exquisite oceanside wedding. Blue water, Beautiful day of month of June was perfect for outdoor ceremony and drone shots.

Generally speaking, we get booked in year or two in advance but somehow Pooja & Dhru found us about two months before their wedding day. It was pure luck that the dates were open and we got pleasure of capturing their Sangeet, Vidhi, Wedding & Reception. We all knew that we had very little time to prepare for the wedding but dedication from Pooja & Dhru and long phone conversations made it all possible. Shooting Sangeet and backyard Vidhi was nothing but fun and wedding day went smoothly without any hiccups; just perfect. Thanks to great group of friends and family.

Pre-wedding shoot was hot and sunny. Being on the beach is always fun but not when one is running around with stabilizer unless you have bunch of water bottles. Thanks to Pooja & Dhru for being in the sun for, I believe, 5 hours.

Big THANK YOU to DJ Yogz and his crew from Boston Sound and Light Company. They started the party of which seemed like it never stopped. Never seen dance floor so packed from beginning to the end of the night. Great music, great lighting and great team to work with.

This is the longest highlights we ever created because I had so much GOOD content to work with and so many beautiful moments. My fav is at 7:14 when Pooja’s mother is letting her pallu go during the bidai. Now that I am a father of one daughter, I knew how she was feeling and I was just lucky one to get that shot. Sometimes it is all about being at right place at right time.


LOVEFEST: Shuchi + Rohit Wedding Cinematography

Working with Shuchi & Rohit, truly kind souls, is nothing but fun. They both got so so so much energy. Rohit can do the pre-wedding shoot and smile all day even he was sick night before and Shuchi can hike Central Park in her high heels all day long. NYC means lots to Shuchi & Rohit since that’s where they met so what can be better location than that for the shoot. After brainstorming session with Shuchi & Rohit, we decided to do something simple and candid for the pre-wedding shoot.

The festivities started with a very intimate yet vibrant Sangeet at Hindu Samaj Temple of Mahwah. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception took place at Sheraton Mahwah Hotel. Both venues offer beauty and elegance and floral decoration by Elegant Affairs + foggy morning was breathtaking.

Thanks to DJ Raj for great music during Baraat and Reception.

Here is the highlight film by NYNJ Photography, leading Wedding Cinematographer & Photographer.



Golden Love – Guyanese Wedding Video of Anand & Samantha

Anand and Samantha’s Guyanese wedding ceremony took place at the Garden Falls, NJ. Sunny day, clear sky, beautiful fall colors, outdoor ceremony, groom entering in the helicopter and bride with the Ferrari. That is the shortest way I can describe their wedding day.

Anand & Samantha, two beautiful & creative souls who just wanted something unique so they did many things which are not very common at the wedding such as helicopter and Ferrari entrances, drums and bridal party intros with glowing sticks. Their wedding ceremony was very traditional and reception was full of energy so the music selection was very critical. Usually I start slow and end fast for most of my highlights but this time I wanted to try roller coaster editing in which I went from slow to fast to slow to fast. Anand & Samantha both are artists so my heartbeats went up on the roof when showed them the final film first time. When I heard Anand saying “We can’t get over how great you did that video. You really will make everyone cry which is what we want lol”. I could breathe again.

This was our first Guyanese wedding and I must say that when they dance, they dance for real and one night is very very short for the celebration.


Monique & Karan Moon Palace Wedding – Cancun, Mexico

Here is the highlight film from Monique & Karan Moon Palace Wedding. Beautiful venue located in Cancun, Mexico. Nothing can be better than three days wedding festivities in destination location with friends and family.

Tips for Bride & Groom:
1. Monique & Karan got married in January, 2015. They planned all wedding festivities to be outdoor; unfortunately wedding week turned out to be rainy week and all the events took place indoor except the wedding ceremony. Bride & Groom who are planning wedding there, make sure to have plan B in place if it rains.
2. Do not plan early morning wedding ceremony if you having welcome party or Sangeet night before. In most cases, party will not end anytime before 3.00AM. It may be hard to keep yourself awake during the wedding ceremony.
3. Plan photo and/or video shoot outside of the Resort. There are so many great places in Cancun so take advantage of it. Keep enough room for the shoot on your itinerary is important.
4. Hire a Wedding Planner (not the one from the Resort) who has experience with destination weddings. Believe me, it will help you in many ways.
5. Keep Wedding ceremony and Reception on separate days in the evening. Soft evening light for Wedding ceremony is just perfect.

Here are few tips for wedding vendors who are planning to shoot wedding in Mexico. This was our first wedding shoot in Mexico. We are located in NJ, USA and before flying there we were little nervous for many reasons. After hours of research and travelling to Mexico, here are few things we learned.

1. If you are US citizen, you do not need to get a Visa.
2. Take early flight. Lines are usually long at the Cancun airport.
3. Be honest to Mexican authorities. You are going there for business so say it when asked.
4. Going in and out of Cancun airport/customs is smooth. Do not worry even if you have so much equipment. You are going there to shoot and having so many bags in normal.
5. Currency rate at the Cancun airport is not the best. Find other places.
6. If time permits and truly want to have fun, rent a car. Taxi rides are pretty expensive.
7. Try out local food.

Moon Palace Wedding highlight film – Monique & Karan. Make sure to comment at the end of the page and feel free to reach out to us if any questions.

Dialogues written by Gaurav Singh.