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First Step – Ameet & Jaskaran Highlights: Sikh Wedding Film

I can’t stop smiling every time I think back to Ameet & Jaskaran’s amazing wedding. They are such beautiful, fun and charming people. Their Sageet, Sikh wedding and Reception was filled with vibrant colors, incredible emotion and some of the funniest bridal party peeps we have ever had the pleasure of working with. A five minute of even the best highlight film would not justify for the many memorable moments we captured over three days. Here is Ameet & Jaskaran’s Sikh wedding film.

PS: My fav moment is when horse decided to run away with Jaskaran during baraat @03:58. I think even horse fell in love with Jaskaran and did not want him to get married.

Thanks to all the vendors to do outstanding job:

Photography: NYNJ Photography
Cinematography: NYNJ Photography
Hair & Makeup: Pauline Nobles – She is one of the best. Highly recommended.
Sageet Venue: Rasoi III
Wedding Venue: Bridgewater Gugdwara, NJ
Reception Venue: Royal Alberts Palace
DJ: DJ Sunny Entertainment – He is one of the best. Highly recommended.

Ketti + Arpit – The Seamless Love – Indian Wedding Cinematography at The Venetian, NJ

May be it was their love, may be it was the fun loving family & friends, may be it was the beautiful weather;  I do not know but there was something special about Ketti & Arpit’s wedding day. I am saying this because I had lots of energy when we starting shooting at 5.30AM and I had same energy when we stopped shooting at 12.00AM. I show three things on that day around me: Love, Fun and Energy. This wedding is the perfect example of why we love to do Indian Wedding Cinematography.

When I talked to Ketti first time, I could here in her voice that it is going to be something different and challenging. Ketti & Arpit wanted something different for their SDE (Same Day Highlights) so we decided to do short shoot prior to the wedding day. They both are all about fun and that is what we tried to capture in the pre-wedding shoot using various props. All the credit goes to Ketti for selecting beautiful song for the highlights. We have done many SDE in past but this was the only time when I was not sure what would be the reaction of Ketti & Arpit when they watch their video.

I should not say this but my happiest moment was when I show Ketti, Arpit, both parents and siblings in tears while watching the video during the reception. I knew at that moment that NYNJ Photography team did it. I did get little emotional when Ketti & Arpit hugged me during the reception thanking NYNJ Photography for the great job we did. This is the reason we love what we do.

Check out the video and let us know how we did.

List of vendors who made the event very successful:

Event Coordination: Hasina Ahmed – Royal Charms IncMakeup Artist: Pauline NoblesDJ: DJ GauravDecor: Design House Decor , Venue: The Venetian

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Ruby & Shire Wedding Day Video Reel – Indian Wedding Cinematographer NY

Ruby & Shire’s wedding was a blast. To make a good wedding film, good content is the key. While editing, I had no issue finding good footage. Thanks to Ruby, Shire, friends & family for being so great in front of the camera. Before & After the wedding, I would reach out to Ruby with random ideas to see what she has to say and she would tell me ” I trust you”. It means a lot because hiring us is one thing but trusting us to the point where you are totally comfortable is whole another level. Wedding was held at Glen Island Harbour Club, one of my favorite place.

I had to name this “2 States” because Shire is from FL and Ruby is from NY; two families got together in NY and became one big happy family. Also the song used in highlights happens to be from movie called 2 States.

Cinematographer: Indian Wedding Cinematographer NY
Photography: Travis Harris
Venue: Glen Island Harbour Club
Hair & Makeup: Sonia C







Reshma + Angshuman Outdoor Indian Wedding Trailer – Sheraton Mahwah, NJ

Nothing can be better than shooting outdoor Indian wedding ceremony specially being in New Jersey where rain and cold day is hard to predict. Sometimes it’s about taking that risk and Reshma & Angshuman did it and that’s what made this outdoor Indian wedding trailer so awesome. Bright colors, colors & more colors. Shooting their wedding was nothing but awesomeness.

We captures 4 events in 3 days, about 22 hours, and did not even feel it; all credit goes to Reshma, Angshuman and specially their families. We were literally treated like a family and it does give us that extra needed boost. During pre-event consultation, we decided to do pre-wedding video shoot instead of traditional photo shoot. Pre-wedding video shoot as done at Liberty Park, NJ just in case if any of you wondering. Reshma & Angshuman spent hours preparing for it and I feel it was all worth it.

Lately we are being asked why every video produced by us looks and feel different and I think it is a good time to mention it. Client plays very critical role when it comes to their wedding video. Each client is different so their taste. One Cinematographer with one style cannot make everyone happy. To make that perfect video, we listen to our clients, we understand their expectations, we communicate and brainstorm with them and then execute.

Here is the final version of Reshma & Angshuman’s wedding day trailer. Feel free to share, like or comment.

The Day To Remember For Life – Sukhmeet & Tarvinder Sikh Wedding Video

I have to be honest when I say this; after I finished editing this video, I set on my couch to see the final version on the big screen. I realized that I was too busy shooting the video on the wedding day that I couldn’t feel what other people felt around me until I show this wedding video highlights. For example, I did see Sukhmeet’s mother hugging her during Vidai ceremony but I couldn’t feel the moment until I show the clip in which her mother hugged her and said “Na mere puttar” which simply means “no my child”. Very touchy, at least to me.

Tip: So many guys out there believe that having a good camera is enough to take good video. In my opinion, having good equipment is great thing but it does not make your video look good. What makes it look good is all those moments and the way they are captured so my suggestion is to stop looking for best camera out there. Focus on what and how you want to capture the event for your client.

Our goal at NYNJ Photography is to capture all those moments and present it to you in most simplistic and elegant manner.

Enjoy the Sikh wedding video and make sure to write your comments.

Vibha Vyas - amazing job Nayeem!

Sunny S Lakhan - Man what an experience. Wish u guys all the best with everything you guys do.

Parvinder Johal - What a great time we had! Congrats to Terry and Sukhmeet! God bless you!

Melanie Champnoise - Beautiful! Absolutely beautiul

Ruby Basi - Absolutely breath taking!! Love Rummys wedding video.

Ruby Realtorni - My cousin’s wedding video. Done very nicely.

Navdeep Deol - beautiful….

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