Meet the Team

Nayeem Modan / Principal Cinematographer

It all started with taking pictures in the park with Javed and Gaurav. While doing landscape photography, I had an opportunity to photograph a wedding for a friend. I learned that wedding day is full of moments waiting to be captured and that is when I knew that I found my match.

While doing wedding photography for several years, I found interest in motion picture. I show that right music/audio with right moment s can do amazing things to people; I found that very powerful and there I was shooting wedding videos. My technical and storytelling skills grew with time and that is when wedding VIDEOS became wedding FILMS.


Anis Vahora / Associate Cinematographer

There is always another angle to a story and I am the one who captures it.
I joined NYNJ Photography team in 2012 without any prior experience in Cinematography. Passion was the driving force which made my new adventure more like fun, than work. When I am behind the camera shooting, I like to pay attention to details and focus on behind the scene moments (so many on the day of the wedding) which I believe is the best way to capture raw/real story of the day.
Favorite Quote: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” – Rikki Rogers
Few words that my family would use to describe me: sociable, caring, warmhearted


Gaurav Singh / Associate Photographer

The passion of photography began with the fascination of capturing the moment; being able to save a tangible slice of memory was magical. I started my journey with a 35 mm Kodak point-and-shoot and still learning something new everyday.
I was attracted to landscape and macro subjects initially but now almost exclusively shoot for human expressions. Nothing is more gratifying than getting those well-timed pictures from one of the most important days in someone’s life. Not only the pictures tell the story of love but those expressions add the element of emotion – a rich treasure for ages and generations to come.
Other than being with my daughter, watching her play and smile, I like to read about science and technology when I am not behind the camera.

Javed Vahora / Principal Photographer - COMING SOON