Madassar and Sundas are not just friendly but down to earth and fun loving who’s wedding took place at Royal Albert Palace, Fords, NJ in March of 2012. We haven’t had this much fun and laugh photographing any couple so far. This photo shoot tops all photo shoot so far thus, “shocked”. Having fun taking photographs and getting photographed is very special ingredient for a photos that you want to look at for the ages to come.

Photographing muslim couple presents it’s own challenges specially to show the love between couple because the poses which are widely used such as hugging kissing and embracing each other are completely out of the picture(Camera!). I have developed special skills to conquer and overcome to show the joy and love between the couple while shooting a muslim wedding.

I would like to extend my “Thanks” to Umer and Uroosa for all their help and for putting up with me!

Congratulations Mudassar and Sundas.


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*** as requested by the groom, we have hide his images from this post***